Monday, February 28, 2011


Yes...You read that right....ThunderSNOW!!!

And it happened on Alphabe-Thursday  (2-24-11) and it maybe a quinky dink as the letter for last week was "T"and here I was entertaining the idea of sharing with you all how I, the oldest of 5, sat glum faced for an hour as my father gave each of us his power point presentation on the cost of Toilet paper.... broken down to the very cost of "1" two ply square and all thanks to a week long spree where 2 of my siblings (Melissa) had been "TPing" friends houses! 

  I am sure I would of enlightened you more as I drag it on for a few more paragraphs on other past experiences "all in the name of fun" toilet papering" and how it became a HUGE controversy in our church!

  Umm that would be the paragraph where I highlight how our oldest found himself in trouble when while with his Youth Pastor and other youth group members toilet papered a fellow church members home who wasn't to happy about it and threatened to press charges if they hadn't come back and cleaned it all up...I have been on the receiving end of this infamous TP Youth Pastor and let me tell ya he is a pro hahaha we literally were tped in our took two of us one pushing on the door while the other with a pair of scissors cut our way was hands down.... the best unforgettable... hilarious.... NO fun to clean up....just insanely funny TP experience...we chose laughter hmmm they got a little out of line MAD.    

   I then would of hoped to bring my TP tale round full circle as I left you with thoughts to it really illegal???... even include a site on the "how to's"   But this T post isn't supposed to be about toilet paper at all ......instead I was going to share the phenomenon, with pictures and all, of a weather condition called thundersnow
We sure have had our fair share of CRAZY certainly far from the norm weather here in Ohio...With one eye brow raised I questioned the weather mans report as he provided a name for our latest thunder CRACK boom wind whistling man whats going on outside WARNING weather report!!! I googled thundersnow and learned this......

*Thundersnow is when thunder and lighting occur during a snowstorm, it most often appears in late winter or early spring when a mass of cold air on top of warm come together with the moist air closer to the ground. all this coupled with decent snowfall rates at a rapid clip of more than two inches (five centimeters) an hour. Here are a few of my pretty pictures to prove it...tho WOW the sound wish I could attach that somehow.

 That sincerely was what my Alphabe-Thursday posting dedicated to the letter T was going to be all about...Some personal issues kept me pretty busy last week so I wasn't able to link up on the scheduled day hopefully I will get caught up soon and be better prepared for this weeks letter U.....
Be sure to head on over to Jenny Matlocks blog (the host of Alphabe Thursday) and I'm sure you will be tempted as I was  to read other T bloggers links.



Judie said...

I remember hearing thunder in Chicago during the blizzard of '79. It really freaked me out! I had recently moved there from Atlanta, and couldn't believe all the snow, and the whiteouts.

On TP, my son Keil helped me paint the guest bathroom last week. He is 31,and single, and when he was helping me put things back together, he carefully put the toilet paper on the holder THE RIGHT WAY. It was a very proud day for me, because I didn't think he was listening to me when he was 12!

Jenny said...

Wow. I've never heard of thunder snow but it really does sound fascinating.

Lourie said...

We got Thunder Snow once in VA. It was freaky.