Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Status Quote!

The Status Quote!!!  I love picking random status updates from friends and posting them here.  Of course, we never use names or locations.  If you haven't played before, it's real easy just collect status updates from your friends and post them up.  Then come back and link up with CA Girl and EmmyMom!  If you wonder when they do it.  It's always the second Tuesday of the month.  

*I refuse to relive this day again. . .just not gonna do it..Wait this feels like I'm repeating myself.... Oh crap, it is groundhog day....
*Is EXPECTING AGAIN!! I know, I know, it's crazy isn't it? I can't believe it myself. I wasn't going to put it on here because it's obvious but wanted to make it official. I mean who would have guessed that we are expecting AGAIN!! Yup it's official.. We are expecting *SNOW* tonight and AGAIN tomorrow!!  I sooooo fell for this my jaw literally dropped...heehee good one
* 55,000 Customers still without power. 80,000 were without earlier. But wind will lead to more outages. (My parents were sadly amongst that number)    :o(
*Oh homework, why do you taunt me? (I once boldly told one of Katies Teachers that Homework promotes child abuse....LOL)
*I like to people watch. Problem is people don't like to be stared at. Bummer for me.      (I enjoy it as well and yes I agree embarrassing if caught...really bad too when caught laughing out loud)
*Off to school!!! I might need a map to get there.... It has been forever!!! 
(they missed 6 days due to the ice and snow...my after school kids said it felt like the first day of school they were very excited to go back)
*Ahhh mocha frappe.. You make my Monday morning so much better =)
(Coffee in any form makes my day better!)
*Strength and dignity are her clothing and she smiles at the future. Prov. 31:25 
(I love this!)
*Child: Why do moms have a quiet time at their computer?
Mom: Well, according to Chapter Sanity... Section Me Time ...it's the LAW!  
*Why waste time worrying when it's not going to solve anything? (sound advice hard to follow)
*I asked  why she was taking so long in the restroom at In-n-out. She replied that it was taking her a long time to put the cowboy hat on the seat. And there's my husband's influence.
*Striving, churning, tossing, turning, bitter, burning, never learning..."But the fruit of the Spirit is...peace" Gal.5:22
This was a lot of fun I look forward to reading everyone elses


Emmy said...

That expecting one is hilarious!! And yes, it has made me like SoCal that much more seeing all the snow everyone has been burried in. Thanks for playing along.

Lourie said...

Yes the expecting one is hilarious. hahaha. I am sorry you had so much trouble with it.