Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl XLV.....My Faves

....Even if you are not a football fan, the census is that most will tune in for the commercials. In our house hold we just so happen to be BIG football fans but it is also one of the rare times during the year where all eyes are on "live" TV anxiously waiting for what???? The Commercials.....Which is odd cause we record or DVR all our shows to avoid having to watch the very commercials we are on the edge of our seats waiting to see...hmmm I think that's an oxymoron of sorts.

I have to say that over all I wasn't WOWED....but I did see a few that made me "giggle"...say "awe".."hmm I don't get it"..and dare I say even "moved me". 

*the ones that made me giggle...... Dorritos

* the AWE factor was all about Darth Vador wasn't that just the CUTEST

*Snickers Logging Commercial....(insert a smiley with a blank stare)....what was that all about???

*Now this one may come as a surprise the one that moved me was.......The Chrysler Eminem commercial which highlighted the greatness of the motor city and it made my heart feel gooooood...I don't live in Michigan but it is a neighboring state that we have visited often. During one visit (we were headed to a Chicago Bears ((hubby is a huge fan)) and Detroit Lions game) I saw first hand the rawness of this city after plants had shut down...this one section of the city oozed with sadness...It became eerie quiet in our car (something very rare in this overly chatty family) as each of us in our own way soaked it all in. So after experiencing that it may explain why I once again welled up with tears for 2 reasons, in remembrance and thankfully now joy because I saw hope in a 2 minute commercial of a city that I had seen dying.

Which ones were your faves????


Nikki said...

I wrote about the ones you listed, but I forgot the one with the little boy in the Star Wars outfit!!! That one was awesome and so funny! I loved it when the boy turned to his dad and mom in the window thinking he had actually started the car! lol so funny!

blueviolet said...

As a Michigan girl, I felt the emotion in that commercial too. I didn't see the Doritos one, but I laughed at the end of the Pepsi Max one!

Amy said...

We don't get tv, so I didn't see either. I am glad to hear there is hope for Chicago. I don't know much about the history of that city, but I have heard about the factories closing and how sad it is. I am glad that something is going to be done about it. And people keep talking about the Doritos commercial. I am going to have to watch it!

Lourie said...

I actually got a sneak peek of the Stars Wars one through another blogger. Loved it! But yeah, I didn't watch at all this year. Now I have to go and find these commercials. haha.

Emmy said...

I didn't watch but everyone is talking about the dorritos one. I grew up in Illinois so totally understand the Detroit thing.