Monday, February 28, 2011


Yes...You read that right....ThunderSNOW!!!

And it happened on Alphabe-Thursday  (2-24-11) and it maybe a quinky dink as the letter for last week was "T"and here I was entertaining the idea of sharing with you all how I, the oldest of 5, sat glum faced for an hour as my father gave each of us his power point presentation on the cost of Toilet paper.... broken down to the very cost of "1" two ply square and all thanks to a week long spree where 2 of my siblings (Melissa) had been "TPing" friends houses! 

  I am sure I would of enlightened you more as I drag it on for a few more paragraphs on other past experiences "all in the name of fun" toilet papering" and how it became a HUGE controversy in our church!

  Umm that would be the paragraph where I highlight how our oldest found himself in trouble when while with his Youth Pastor and other youth group members toilet papered a fellow church members home who wasn't to happy about it and threatened to press charges if they hadn't come back and cleaned it all up...I have been on the receiving end of this infamous TP Youth Pastor and let me tell ya he is a pro hahaha we literally were tped in our took two of us one pushing on the door while the other with a pair of scissors cut our way was hands down.... the best unforgettable... hilarious.... NO fun to clean up....just insanely funny TP experience...we chose laughter hmmm they got a little out of line MAD.    

   I then would of hoped to bring my TP tale round full circle as I left you with thoughts to it really illegal???... even include a site on the "how to's"   But this T post isn't supposed to be about toilet paper at all ......instead I was going to share the phenomenon, with pictures and all, of a weather condition called thundersnow
We sure have had our fair share of CRAZY certainly far from the norm weather here in Ohio...With one eye brow raised I questioned the weather mans report as he provided a name for our latest thunder CRACK boom wind whistling man whats going on outside WARNING weather report!!! I googled thundersnow and learned this......

*Thundersnow is when thunder and lighting occur during a snowstorm, it most often appears in late winter or early spring when a mass of cold air on top of warm come together with the moist air closer to the ground. all this coupled with decent snowfall rates at a rapid clip of more than two inches (five centimeters) an hour. Here are a few of my pretty pictures to prove it...tho WOW the sound wish I could attach that somehow.

 That sincerely was what my Alphabe-Thursday posting dedicated to the letter T was going to be all about...Some personal issues kept me pretty busy last week so I wasn't able to link up on the scheduled day hopefully I will get caught up soon and be better prepared for this weeks letter U.....
Be sure to head on over to Jenny Matlocks blog (the host of Alphabe Thursday) and I'm sure you will be tempted as I was  to read other T bloggers links.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Spotlight is on Seniors!

It is Alphabae-Thursday  
And this weeks letter is S

These Vibrant Seniors are life long friends
   (my mom Linda and CA Girls mom Carolynn)

 Rex & I
are one year closer to claiming super saving senior discounts!

AND This beauty is a Senior in High School 
Tomorrow night in between the JV and Varsity Basketball game 
they will be honoring several Seniors and our daughter 
(letters of Kate) is one of  them wooohooo gooo Katie!
Now What are you waiting for........ link up and join in on the fun!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wee bit Wednesday

{one} what is your favorite breakfast food?
This one may sound odd but here lately I have been on a oatmeal kick
{two} how many pairs of shoes do you currently own?
Oh my goodness I have oooodles I am an alllll seasons shoe lover
{three} city or country?

{four} what is your favorite part of your job?
Playin with the little people.
{five} what is your favorite junk food to snack on?
Oh my goodness hide that dern box I LOVE them smiley tropical fruit snacks!.

{six} have you ever been mentioned in the newspaper?
Yes a few times
{seven} do you use post-it notes?
I used to use the "real" ones now I use cyber ones 

{eight} do you have freckles?
I am sun kissed alllllll over well almost all over  :)

{nine} is it okay for men to wear pink?
Sure… my hubby is a caveman silly guy when they were asked  to wear pink at his work in support
Of breast cancer it took some coaxing on my part to get him to wear it
{ten} when was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

For the love of Reading

So many times a month my daughter (letters of Kate) has to use her debit card or she is has to pay a service charge...A bank that charges you for NOT spending your money to which they are drawing interest on I knew I should of went with her when she opened this account....Anyhoo that's not what this rant is about. It just states the history of how her urgent  purchase "I have to use this card 2 more times!!" landed a book  (actually several) in our home....She also got a great deal on a very cute purse. That's my girl!

A few days later the package arrived and I stood by her side as she unloaded her "I have to use my card" treasures......BOOKS I love em, she had purchased  4 and these I had never heard of..... 
"Our Sometime Sister," "The Kite Runner," "Little Bee"
& the book that sparked the inspiration for this post
"Running With Scissors" by Augusten Burroughs

The title alone is a "no, no" right?
It wasn't to long ago, before our nasty Governor made huge cuts in the area of Education causing over 7,000 of us to lose our jobs (ya you betcha I'm still a little bitter), that I was writing up creative lesson plans for 3 to 5 year olds on the proper use of scissors. Oh woe is me I loved that job!

Okay pity party over lets get back to my journey with Mr Augusten ...
I eagerly flipped the book over to read it's reviews and hopefully catch a glimpse as to what was written on the inside. Whoa....Stop the Presses.. Dare I read more?

The "reviews" alone send off another WARNING.....I will high light a few:
"It is as funny as it is twisted"---GQ   I don't do well with twisted

"A memoir that is both horrifying and mordantly funny."----San Francisco Chronicle
  mental note must Google "mordantly" *harshly ironic or sinister ....darkly sarcastic

"Running with Scissors will transport you"----Vogue 
One of the reason's I love to read's the great escape from ones reality...beam me up Scottie transport me PLEASE!

"Irreverent, scurrilous, profane, licentious, horrific, and vile. It'll warp your mind, upset the neighbors, and lower your standing in the community"
 Now here is a Reviewer that has a love of words....and yes I had to Google a few of them too.

Of the 26 reviews written on the back and front sleeve the one that comes closest to a review I would of written (cause yes besides all the warnings I did go on to read it). 

This  was written by a representative of The Hartford Courant.
"It's gross, it's shocking, and its humor is blacker that a thousand midnights....But this hilarious, provocative and oddly touching book draws you into a bizarre world and keeps you rooting for its unusual narrator to survive, thrive, and break free."

All the right words to describe the "feelings" this book brought out in me.

I am 41 years old and there have been a few who have called me overly naive ..sheltered ....I say guarded. Yes, guarded for I was raised to believe that our eyes are the windows to our soul....guard what you this case read....I threw caution to the wind, let my guard down and in 2 days time,read my first memoir and believe me this was no great escape!

No matter how shocking dare I even say stunned I was by the words I was reading I couldn't put this book down...the picture he paints with words is grossly tragic ....a few times I had to pause...skim over, even flip a few pages forward..I couldn't take it..and yet I kept on reading cause I had to know.

 I vented aloud over the gross neglect and My hubby asked "if it is upsetting you this much why do you continue to read it?"  I tried to explain that for him the narrator, the very author of this book.... This was REAL!...  This wasn't some fictional character that he created....he is proclaiming in graphic detail  unspeakable sins...CRIMES.. That happened to him and  I'm reading on because I need to know that someone saved him....though it seemed impossible...I had hope that in the next few pages he would reveal his hero. Will he ever be rescued?
I don't want to ruin the book entirely for anyone who plans on reading it, though I definitely do NOT recommend it  I have strongly encouraged Katie to PLEASE, I know your 19 but as your mom I plead with you, DON'T read this ...donate or throw it away. I also asked her...what led you to this book? ...she said it was the reviews...they didn't scare her one bit.....I'm not surprised as she does have a mordantly, funny sense of humor (wink wink).   

So have you ever thrown caution to the wind (even if regrettable) and read something just for the love of reading?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rainbow...that's 15 pts

The After School Kids and I played Scrabble with a little twist, our first word had to start with the letter R! 
For the start of this I placed all the letters out face up and gave each child the letter R. The youngest went first....she quickly chose her "R" word. She is in Kindergarten so we worked together sounding it out as we found each letter.
She told me that she loves loves loves rainbows like Dorthy from Wizard of OZ!

Now the second kiddo had a little harder task as she too had to choose a "R" word BUT it had to be able to connect on the board with "Rainbow".
Little Miss here is in the 1st grade and I was quite impressed as she needed no help finding all the right letters for her connecting "R" word.

Little Miss Sister is in the 4th grade she found and claimed her spot on the board while her baby sister was still thinking...made her so mad...I had to remind her "Patience Please"
Last but not least...this beauty too took her time as she was eager to place a connecting "R" word that was sure to rack up some points!

I then placed the remaining letters back into the bag and we went on and played the rest of the game as normal....
I sure had fun with the letter "R" as we creatively participated in

*Kids photo's were posted with Parents permission

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

10 on Tuesday

Please join me as I link up with RootsAndRings  for  her weekly posting of ..."10 on Tuesday"

1. What’s your favorite kind of donut?
I haven't had a donut in a very long time BUT if I were to have one it would be Lemon jelly filled...yum
2. Do you use the snooze button?
 No but my hubby and kids do and it drives me CRAZY get up already hahaha 
3. Do you write in cursive, print, or a combination of the two?
Combination of the two
4. Tell us a joke.
This is hands down one of my faves one of my amazingly mature 5 year old Daycare kids told me this joke many years ago I can still close my eyes and see him very animated as he told me this joke which of course made it more funny!!!
A blonde comes home and sees that her house is on fire, so she calls 911.
The operator says, "what's your emergency"
The blonde lady screams ..."Help! My house is on fire!" .
 The operator then says "Okay, where do you live?"
 "In a house...!" she tells him. 
 "No,no! How do we get there?" the operator asks 
 The Blonde then says "Well Duh! Use the Big Red Truck!!" 
*my life is full of  "duh" moments so no surprise that we use that punch line a lot!
5. How many languages do you speak?
Press one for .....English .
6. Why did you start blogging?
Quite honestly I was bored and I was looking for a way to be creative. A very good friend of mine has been blogging for a while so I began to ask her questions about it and thought it would not only be fun but a way to make new friends and feel like I was part of something other then the small world around me.
7. Do you use bar soap or liquid body wash?
Liquid body wash I am a huge fan of Bath and Body it's always number one on my Christmas list..
8. Do you buy bottled water?
Eeeek I know it's not very green of me but yes we do by the GALLONS ...we live out in the country have well water and I have tried and tried to like it but I can't so tho I feel guilty we buy the water.
9. What did you think of the Super Bowl Half Time Show?
 I thought it was good ....I have seen worse....I was still picking up my jaw over Christina messing up the anthem but hey she appologized and  Lord knows I'm not perfect.
10. How do you feel about Steve Carell leaving The Office?
This is my daughters favorite show...I have watched a few episodes
(we are now on season 5) with her on netflix I so agree with you once you start messing around with the characters especially a leading one it's soon over. We too love Big Bang Theory and just discovered Community .

That's all folks. Your turn. Link it up!

The Status Quote!

The Status Quote!!!  I love picking random status updates from friends and posting them here.  Of course, we never use names or locations.  If you haven't played before, it's real easy just collect status updates from your friends and post them up.  Then come back and link up with CA Girl and EmmyMom!  If you wonder when they do it.  It's always the second Tuesday of the month.  

*I refuse to relive this day again. . .just not gonna do it..Wait this feels like I'm repeating myself.... Oh crap, it is groundhog day....
*Is EXPECTING AGAIN!! I know, I know, it's crazy isn't it? I can't believe it myself. I wasn't going to put it on here because it's obvious but wanted to make it official. I mean who would have guessed that we are expecting AGAIN!! Yup it's official.. We are expecting *SNOW* tonight and AGAIN tomorrow!!  I sooooo fell for this my jaw literally dropped...heehee good one
* 55,000 Customers still without power. 80,000 were without earlier. But wind will lead to more outages. (My parents were sadly amongst that number)    :o(
*Oh homework, why do you taunt me? (I once boldly told one of Katies Teachers that Homework promotes child abuse....LOL)
*I like to people watch. Problem is people don't like to be stared at. Bummer for me.      (I enjoy it as well and yes I agree embarrassing if caught...really bad too when caught laughing out loud)
*Off to school!!! I might need a map to get there.... It has been forever!!! 
(they missed 6 days due to the ice and after school kids said it felt like the first day of school they were very excited to go back)
*Ahhh mocha frappe.. You make my Monday morning so much better =)
(Coffee in any form makes my day better!)
*Strength and dignity are her clothing and she smiles at the future. Prov. 31:25 
(I love this!)
*Child: Why do moms have a quiet time at their computer?
Mom: Well, according to Chapter Sanity... Section Me Time's the LAW!  
*Why waste time worrying when it's not going to solve anything? (sound advice hard to follow)
*I asked  why she was taking so long in the restroom at In-n-out. She replied that it was taking her a long time to put the cowboy hat on the seat. And there's my husband's influence.
*Striving, churning, tossing, turning, bitter, burning, never learning..."But the fruit of the Spirit is...peace" Gal.5:22
This was a lot of fun I look forward to reading everyone elses

Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl XLV.....My Faves

....Even if you are not a football fan, the census is that most will tune in for the commercials. In our house hold we just so happen to be BIG football fans but it is also one of the rare times during the year where all eyes are on "live" TV anxiously waiting for what???? The Commercials.....Which is odd cause we record or DVR all our shows to avoid having to watch the very commercials we are on the edge of our seats waiting to see...hmmm I think that's an oxymoron of sorts.

I have to say that over all I wasn't WOWED....but I did see a few that made me "giggle"...say "awe".."hmm I don't get it"..and dare I say even "moved me". 

*the ones that made me giggle...... Dorritos

* the AWE factor was all about Darth Vador wasn't that just the CUTEST

*Snickers Logging Commercial....(insert a smiley with a blank stare)....what was that all about???

*Now this one may come as a surprise the one that moved me was.......The Chrysler Eminem commercial which highlighted the greatness of the motor city and it made my heart feel gooooood...I don't live in Michigan but it is a neighboring state that we have visited often. During one visit (we were headed to a Chicago Bears ((hubby is a huge fan)) and Detroit Lions game) I saw first hand the rawness of this city after plants had shut down...this one section of the city oozed with sadness...It became eerie quiet in our car (something very rare in this overly chatty family) as each of us in our own way soaked it all in. So after experiencing that it may explain why I once again welled up with tears for 2 reasons, in remembrance and thankfully now joy because I saw hope in a 2 minute commercial of a city that I had seen dying.

Which ones were your faves????

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ice Ice Baby

The talk for weeks was this HUGE snow and ice storm coming our way.....They made predictions, sent out  (in multi media ways) watches  and...warnings...We buckered down and prepared for the worst.

Thankfully a few days before the storm hit our landlord hired a tree trimmer company to tame our wildly over grown was unfortunate that a wild branch broke free from their control and our dish felt it's wrath..The Hubby is not going to like this ....NO TV.....I was thankful that no one was seriously injured.
Monday evening the first round of the storm hit....we didn't get any snow it was allllll ICE....I had never experienced anything like it...the sound of the ice hitting our house was scary...The next morning we woke thankful that we still had electric...water ....and heat, as we had been reading reports (sooo thankful for technology...we love our cell phones) that thousands were without power. (By Wednesday morning when the worst of the storm had passed 80 thousand people were without parents amongst that number)
after checking in with all the friends and family we were more then curious to set out sights outdoors and see what mother nature brought our way! After all the "oh my's" and "wows" We brought a piece of the ice in and measured it...1/4 inch...Total ice by the end of the storm 3/4 inch with 2 inches of snow on top of that!

I ventured out more (we live out in the boonies) and was in awe of the beauty...
I wish I would of had my camera ready when the sun came out and hit the trees very pretty
.I wasn't able to get out after the second phase hit but was thankful that I was able to capture some photos of the beauty this storm left behind.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Laying Fear Aside

Hello blogger world.....
I would first like to thank CA Girl for her help in getting my blog spot started and for also helping me learn all the lingo..(please bare with me as I do not retain information as I used to)....I am (was) VERY excited and looking forward to starting a hobby of sorts that will be "MINE". Before I started I made the grave error of reading (now following) several talented bloggers..... I became dumb struck with insecurities and well quite honestly overwhelmed with the feeling that I couldn't possibly write anything close to what I have read....I then knew  I was going to need a serious block of "quiet" time (a task hard to come by in my house hold) to even come close to looking like I know what I am doing..I of course want to come off as someone who is quite intelligent and witty..a few more days went by and here I am....still sitting.... staring at a blank screen!!!
   Until this evening when my daughter asked what I was doing..I explained to her that I was attempting to write my first blog.....ok so between you me and well my daughter what I really did was whine... To which she kindly and in so many words told me to get over myself and just WRITE!!!!!
So here it goes my first blog.....(which I am told needs to be a "introduction" of sorts)
My name is Lorraine, I am married to a great dependable and stand by me sort of guy whose name is Rex...I am in my 40's and entering the phase of "empty nester" sooner then I want it....Children??? Yes we have 3....Nineteen years ago the Lord blessed me with one beautiful (of course) daughter, whom I named Kathryn aka Katie, she will be graduating high school this June (2011)...I also have 2 step children who I helped raise and are now out on their own Steven (25) and Shelly (21). Rex and I were blessed beyond measure when Shelly and her husband Corey became parents for the first time November 24, 2010.....Ella Jayne was born!!.......I can now proudly add the title of "Grandparent" to my long list of qualified names!  You are sure to read lots about her as she just melts me! I enjoy scrap booking, reading, crocheting, taking pictures, card and board games bar-b-ques and most importantly spending time with my family.
Whew I did it...wasn't so bad after all...I look forward to getting to know you all making new friends and rediscovering the joy of writing