Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ice Ice Baby

The talk for weeks was this HUGE snow and ice storm coming our way.....They made predictions, sent out  (in multi media ways) watches  and...warnings...We buckered down and prepared for the worst.

Thankfully a few days before the storm hit our landlord hired a tree trimmer company to tame our wildly over grown was unfortunate that a wild branch broke free from their control and our dish felt it's wrath..The Hubby is not going to like this ....NO TV.....I was thankful that no one was seriously injured.
Monday evening the first round of the storm hit....we didn't get any snow it was allllll ICE....I had never experienced anything like it...the sound of the ice hitting our house was scary...The next morning we woke thankful that we still had electric...water ....and heat, as we had been reading reports (sooo thankful for technology...we love our cell phones) that thousands were without power. (By Wednesday morning when the worst of the storm had passed 80 thousand people were without parents amongst that number)
after checking in with all the friends and family we were more then curious to set out sights outdoors and see what mother nature brought our way! After all the "oh my's" and "wows" We brought a piece of the ice in and measured it...1/4 inch...Total ice by the end of the storm 3/4 inch with 2 inches of snow on top of that!

I ventured out more (we live out in the boonies) and was in awe of the beauty...
I wish I would of had my camera ready when the sun came out and hit the trees very pretty
.I wasn't able to get out after the second phase hit but was thankful that I was able to capture some photos of the beauty this storm left behind.


Lourie said...

That is some seriously crazy stuff gal. Glad you all were ok!

Emmy said...

Wow that is an insane amount of ice! Great shots!

Amy said...

Honestly, from the first picture I thought it was some undersea plant. Holy smokes that is some ice. What an amazing storm, and how fortunate and blessed you were to be completely intact (with power and heat etc). And as awesome as it sounds, and as much as I would love to see the aftermath, I don't think I ever want to live through an ice storm like that. Yikes!