Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Spotlight is on Seniors!

It is Alphabae-Thursday  
And this weeks letter is S

These Vibrant Seniors are life long friends
   (my mom Linda and CA Girls mom Carolynn)

 Rex & I
are one year closer to claiming super saving senior discounts!

AND This beauty is a Senior in High School 
Tomorrow night in between the JV and Varsity Basketball game 
they will be honoring several Seniors and our daughter 
(letters of Kate) is one of  them wooohooo gooo Katie!
Now What are you waiting for........ link up and join in on the fun!!


Lourie said...

I love all these Seniors! you and Rex anywhere near Senior!

Amy said...

What a beauty your daughter is. And I used to think being a senior citizen was ancient, but now that both of my parents are considered senior citizens, I don't think that at all. Funny how perspectives can change.

Judie said...

I love all of the great discounts we get!! The first time we asked for a senior coffee at McDonalds, they gave Rod his, then asked me if I qualified! Hahahaha!!

Emmy said...

Great S things. I agree with Amy, your daughter is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

great post...
i love the senior menu @ Perkins =)

Anna said...

'Senior' is a great choice for S! We need our seniors! My mother gets a senior discount and passes it sometimes on to us!
Best wishes,
Anna's AT-S, S is for Swedish Summer in books

Jingle said...

your daughter is cool.

Jenny said...

Ummm.... so yeah. How are you and your husband considered seniors? Senior...ummm... kids?

What a fun stop today on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "S".

This post really made me smile!

Sometimes I love the senior discount and other times it just makes me mad! ha!

Thanks for linking.